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bulkhead CNC KH14-VN007

bulkhead CNC KH14-VN007

Is the application of technology products, reaching a high aesthetic level, less than 1.5 mm sharp cutting, fast cutting speed 2000-8000mm / min, cutting product sizes from 10x10mm to 3000x8000mm; metal thickness from 1-50mm

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Bulkhead decorative art CNC metal cutting prevented bedroom, living room and kitchen bulkhead ... with many varied styles and aesthetics, which share space in the room that creates the charm, comedy harmony in composition.

CNC iron bulkhead Khang Han KH14-CNC-VN007

CNC iron bulkhead Khang Han KH14-CNC-VN007

Thick iron plates 10 cups - Price: 4.225,000 dvn / m2

Thick iron plates 8 cups - Prices: 3,925,000 dvn / m2

Thick iron plates 6 cups  - Price: 3.590,000 dvn / m2

Thick iron plates 5 cups - Price: 3,400,000 dvn / m2

Thick iron plates 4 cups - Prices: 2.950,000 dvn / m2

Thick iron plates 3 cups  - Price: 2,820,000 dvn / m2

In order to advise and consult more designs or your own designs will be in the style of your home at our office. 

Representative Office: Showroom iron art Khang Han 
The characteristic features: 
Materials: Tole Plate Special 
Color: As required 
Size: As required 
Perfect security solution 
Warranty 24 months 
Discounts for contractors 
Delivery and installation within the HCM

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